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Business English Exercise | Topic: Project Management Vocabulary 1

Designed to teach you the most common vocabulary/terms used by project managers. This exercise is meant for ESL (English as a second language) students, but will be useful to anyone wanting to learn this specialized terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. During our last meeting, we developed a good _____________________.
  acting plan
  action plan
  act plan

2. I have a problem with the _____________________ of some of these action items. I think that we should rearrange the order a little.

3. ______________________ limit project options. If, for instance, you have "resource ______________________", you are limited in the resources you can use for a project.

4. P1: Will we be outsourcing this task? P2: No, we're doing it _____________________.

5. P1: How's the project going? P2: It's going well, but we're a little _____________________.
  behind schedule
  behind the schedule
  behind the times

6. A _____________________, or "______________________ time" refers to the time after one project/activity is finished and before another one starts. This is often used in a negative way in reference to time lost because of projects that are behind schedule.

7. It's rare that a project goes exactly as ______________________. Things often take longer than anticipated.
  in the plan

8. How long is the estimated ______________________? = How long do you think the project will last?
  project duration
  project time
  project schedule

9. We hired a ______________________ to help us with this phase of the project.

10. My boss enrolled our ______________________ in a training class next weekend.
  project time
  project management
  project team

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