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Business English Practice Test | Topic: ESL For Advertising/Advertisers 4

Designed to teach you the most common vocabulary/terms used in advertising. This exercise is meant for ESL (English as a second language) students, but will be useful to anyone wanting to learn this specialized terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Our recent account ______________ have allowed us to hire 100 more people.

2. I enjoy working for them because they encourage original, ______________ ( = not typical) work.

3. A ______________ challenge = A big challenge

4. A mistake (or a unsuccessful attempt to do something) is commonly referred to as a ______________.

5. Last year our agency won three ______________ competitions. ( = competitions in which other agencies from the whole country participate)

6. This is where the line between advertising and marketing begins to ______________. ( = where it begins to become difficult to tell what is advertising and what is marketing)

7. We don't do anything on ______________. We require payment for everything we work on.
  the spot

8. This part of the portfolio displays the brand ______________ work that we've done. ( = shows examples of how we changed the look of a brand)

9. A well-planned advertising campaign can be an effective way to ______________ a brand.

10. We're talking about a $100 million-______________ account. ( = an account that's probably worth more than $100 million)

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