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Business English Exercise | Topic: Starting a business 3 : Business Plans

Designed to teach you words and expressions relating to all aspects of starting a business. Whether you're looking to start a small business or set up a franchise, this exercise will help you practice all the important vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. This ___________________ ( = number) is the estimate of sales for the first three years.

2. For certain types of businesses, a list of people who have already ___________________ an interest in buying your products should be included in the business plan.

3. Here is a description of the market segments ( = groups of people/organizations) we will be ___________________. ( = focusing on)

4. We plan to purchase 60% of the equipment, and ___________________ ( = rent) the other 40%.
  take out
  take on

5. How do you plan to advertise your products? Do you have a detailed market ___________________ plan?

6. We have an issue with certain ___________________ ( = details/characteristic) of your sales strategy.

7. Did you include an analysis of ___________________ ( = similar) products available on the market today?

8. This is a detailed list of all the costs ___________________ with ( = relating to) the program.

9. Do you have to obtain any legal ___________________ before the product can be introduced on the market?

10. An "organization chart" describes the ___________________ of the enterprise. ( = business)

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