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Business English Exercise | Topic: Negotiations/Business talks 2

Designed to help you practice vocabulary relating to negotiating and reaching agreements in business. Although this quiz is meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. During negotiations, it's common to refer to obstacles as __________________________.
  stumbling blocks
  tumbling blocks
  falling blocks

2. We had a frank exchange of __________________________. ( = opinions)

3. We accomplished a lot, but deep differences still __________________________.

4. The Mexican __________________________ was made up of 10 members.

5. Negotiations __________________________ ( = ended unsuccessfully) last week due to profound disagreement between the two parties.
  broke out
  broke in
  broke down

6. I think I've made our position very __________________________. = I think I've presented our position very clearly.

7. The two parties __________________________ ( = organized/caused to assemble) a six-man bipartisan meeting.

8. The Chinese delegation __________________________ the talks ( = left the talks) after the other participants demanded that they discuss the current human rights abuses in Tibet.
  walked in to
  walked out of
  walked away to

9. The two parties __________________________ ( = got together/met) in Houston to discuss the recent developments.

10. The talks were __________________________ ( = temporarily stopped) and no one knows when they will resume.

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