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Business English Exercise | Topic: Finance - Jobs in finance 1

This exercises will help you differentiate between different types of finance-related jobs. Although it's meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. A __________________________ is someone who buys and sells stock.
  insurance broker

2. An insurance broker will help you find the best insurance __________________________ at the best price.

3. A tax consultant is someone who can __________________________ you on how to pay less tax.

4. A tax-__________________________ (or "IRS auditor" in the USA) is someone who makes sure that you're paying enough taxes.

5. A company's finance _________________ (also known as a CFO) is usually that company's chief accountant.

6. A bank _______________________ is a bank employee who deals directly with most customers.

7. A bank manager is the person responsible for a particular _______________________ of a bank.

8. A financial advisor is someone who advises people on how to __________________________ their finances. ( = financial affairs)

9. My __________________________ always prepares my tax return for me.

10. A venture capitalist is basically _________________________.
  an investor
  an accountant
  a manager

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