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Business English Exercise | Topic: Corporate Buzzwords/Jargon 1

Here's a collection of overused expressions heard a little too often around the office (sometimes referred to as "officespeak"). Some are more silly than others, but all are (unfortunately) still used. It's best to avoid this type of corporate office jargon as much as possible.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Well you've really got to hit the _____________________, Matt ( = to start working hard immediately). There's no time to waste!
  ground running
  ground falling
  floor running

2. Moving _____________________, ( = in the future) you'll be in charge of this project.

3. Mary, I don't feel like we're on the _____________________ here.
  same boat
  same wave
  same page

4. Let's _____________________ ( = talk) tomorrow.

5. I'll take that _____________________ = We'll talk about that after the meeting.

6. I'm super busy right now, I'll _____________________ with you tomorrow.
  touch base
  touch bars
  touch face

7. I don't have the _____________________ ( = time) to take this on right now.

8. My plate is _____________________ = I'm really busy

9. Let's _____________________ ( = analyze financial data) and see how they look.
  ride the numbers
  run the numbers
  run the digits

10. We've got to think _____________________ = We have to come up with some innovative solutions/ideas
  outside the cube
  outside the box
  out of the boxes

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