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Business English Exercise | Topic: Corporate Buzzwords/Jargon 2

Here's a collection of overused expressions heard a little too often around the office (sometimes referred to as "officespeak"). Some are more silly than others, but all are (unfortunately) still used. It's best to avoid this type of corporate office jargon as much as possible.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Let's all meet and get our _______________________. ( = make sure we're well organized/ efficient)
  ducks in a row
  dogs in a row
  ducks in a lake

2. Paul, _______________________ me ( = contact me) next week about the sales report.

3. Well, that's a pretty good idea. Let's send it _______________________. ( = let's show it to upper management)
  up the flagpole
  up the river
  up the creek

4. _______________________ is the corporate way of saying "things that have to be done".
  Act items
  Action items
  Action things

5. The term "to _______________________" should not be used to mean "to go back to something" unless you're a cowboy.
  circle back
  go back
  circle back around

6. Presently, anyone who uses the word _______________________ to mean "enthusiastic", "active", etc., can easily become a laughing stock.

7. In the modern business world, people aren't used, they're _______________________.

8. Actually, in many an office environment, people aren't even people anymore - they're _______________________.

9. Let's put that in the _______________________ = Let's not worry about that right now
  parking lot

10. You have to take _______________________ of this process. ( = You are responsible for this process)
  a break

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