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Business English Exercise | Topic: Corporate Buzzwords/Jargon 3

Here's a collection of overused expressions heard a little too often around the office (sometimes referred to as "officespeak"). Some are more silly than others, but all are (unfortunately) still used. It's best to avoid this type of corporate office jargon as much as possible.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We've got to make sure everyone is ____________________ for ( = everyone agrees to) our final implementation
  on the board
  on board
  on the boat

2. Paul, Javier, you guys are going to ____________________ on this. ( = You guys will be working together on this)
  tag each other
  tag team

3. Well, we just got our ____________________ orders. ( = instructions)

4. A characteristic of a service or product that raises its perceived value is known as a "value-____________________".

5. Technology is a shifting ____________________. ( = Technology is something that always changes)

6. Let's ____________________ = Let's talk

7. We're going to have to ____________________ ( = tell the truth) and let him know we are five weeks behind schedule.
  open the kimono
  open the door
  let loose the iguana

8. This initiative will create the ____________________ needed to take our business to the next level.

9. This kind of corporate office jargon is sometimes referred to as ____________________.
  eloquent speech

10. To "get the ball ____________________" means to start something.
  to roll

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