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Medical English Exercise | Topic: English for Doctors/Patients/Health 2

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Take these pills. They'll help __________________________ ( = diminish) the headaches.

2. If someone asks you to __________________________ to your waist, it means they would like you to take off all the clothes above your waist. ( = your shirt, blouse, etc.)
  strip down
  take off
  take down

3. What are some of the __________________________ of this medicine?
  sideways action
  side action
  side effects

4. I'm going to prescribe some __________________________ for you.

5. If something is "sensitive __________________________", it hurts when you touch it.
  to contact
  to the touching
  to the touch

6. I've __________________________ since I was a little girl.
  had migraines
  had a migraine
  been migrated

7. __________________________. = Put your clothes on.
  Get dressed
  Get dressed up
  Get up

8. What's the opposite of the question above?
  Dress yourself
  Get down
  Get undressed

9. __________________________ when I touch it?
  Is it pain
  Does it hurt
  Is there anguish

10. Some physical symptoms are actually caused by __________________________ or stress.

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