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Medical English Exercise | Topic: English for Doctors/Patients/Health 3

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We can __________________________ cancer. = It's definitely not cancer.
  rule up
  rule out
  rule in

2. Last year my grandfather was __________________________ with Alzheimer's.
  made a diagnosis

3. I can't __________________________ ( = don't have enough money to buy) these brand-name drugs.
  pay off

4. My doctor told me I was __________________________ for diabetes ( = that there was a chance I'd develop diabetes).
  at risk for
  very risky
  a risk taker

5. You should never neglect the __________________________ of an illness. Go see a doctor immediately!
  warning signs
  warning touch
  road signs

6. D: Do you have a __________________________? P: No, my temperature is normal.

7. It's not hopeless. This is something we can __________________________.
  give treatment

8. General __________________________, which makes you unconscious, is used for some procedures.
  passing out

9. I need to have surgery. = I need to have an __________________________.

10. Let me ask you a couple of questions about your medical __________________________.

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