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Medical English Exercise | Topic: English for Doctors/Patients/Health 8

Whether you're a doctor or a patient, this exercise will make communication easier by teaching you the right medical/health-related vocabulary. Although it's meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The __________________________ ( = first ) symptoms of this condition are nausea and a high fever.

2. These things are often __________________________. If your father had it, you might get it too.

3. An __________________________ is something that rids your body of disease-causing free radicals.

4. An __________________________ medication is one that doesn't require a prescription.

5. Which one of these does NOT mean "to pay attention to"?
  to keep an eye on
  to monitor
  to repress

6. This is a __________________________ dangerous condition. You have to seek treatment right away.

7. Which tests are you going to __________________________? What can I expect to experience during these tests?

8. He was really sick, but he has made a __________________________.
  completely healthy
  better health
  complete recovery

9. Another word for "high blood pressure" is __________________________.

10. Taking this medication will __________________________ your risk of a heart attack.
  take down
  make less

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