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Medical English Exercise | Topic: English for Doctors/Patients/Health 9

Whether you're a doctor or a patient, this exercise will make communication easier by teaching you the right medical/health-related vocabulary. Although it's meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. How many treatments will I need, and how much will it __________________________? ( = how much will I have to pay)

2. You'll have to quit smoking to get your asthma __________________________.
  under pressure
  out of control
  under control

3. Your cholesterol levels are __________________________ ( = incredibly high).
  off topic
  off the scale
  off color

4. It'll take about three weeks __________________________ start feeling better.
  for you to
  in which you
  for a while

5. Under __________________________ circumstances should you drink alcohol. = You shouldn't drink alcohol no matter what.

6. To "OD (oh-dee)" means to __________________________ (on a drug, etc.)

7. I suggest you stop taking these sleeping pills. - You're becoming __________________________ ( = slightly addicted to) them.
  dependent on
  depending on
  dependent with

8. Will my health care plan __________________________ ( = pay for) this visit?

9. I have to take special __________________________ ( = steps/ safeguards) because of your pacemaker.

10. Just because your mother had breast cancer doesn't mean that you'll __________________________ it too.

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