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Business English for ESL Students | Topic: Email 1

This is a good exercise to learn and practice many words/expressions relating to email.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Could you please _____________________ that email that you got from Frank.
  forward me
  forward to me
  forward it to me

2. When you send your report to Tom, make sure to ______________________ me as well.
  copy (or cc - pron. "seesee")

3. Somehow your email ended up in my ______________________ folder.
  trash mail
  bad mail
  junk mail

4. You must have ______________________ my message by mistake.

5. Sending someone a "hidden" copy of an email is known as:
  cc-ing someone (pron. seeseeing someone)
  bcc-ing someone (pron. beeseeseeing someone)

6. To send something by mistake = To send something ______________________.
  by chance
  by accident
  by error

7. You should always use appropriate, businesslike language in all ______________________ communications.

8. I thanked him for his ______________________ ( = answer).

9. Many big companies have a system which ______________________ ( = keeps track of/ checks) their employees' email.

10. I didn't get that ______________________ ( = file that is attached to a message).

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