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Business English/ESL | Topic: IT Project Management 1

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on the terminology relating to IT project management.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Everyone knows that _____________________ ( = the time when a server/site are down) is costly.

2. As a project manager, I have to _____________________ all technology related expenses.

3. That appears to be a _____________________ solution, but there's always a risk that it might not come together in production.

4. The last project I was working on had a tight deadline, so once decisions were made, we couldn't _____________________. ( = go back and change them)
  move backwards

5. Well, it' explicitly ____________________ in the guidelines that we are to avoid this.

6. On my team, everyone knows what they're supposed to do. There is no _____________________.

7. I use Critical Path Analysis to _____________________ and manage complex projects.

8. We're going to have to _____________________ ( = change) our plans a little bit.

9. Before we assign tasks, we have to _____________________ them.

10. It's my job to ensure that all the work is done to _____________________.

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