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Business English/ESL | Topic: Web Design and Development 3

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on the terminology relating to web design and development.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Many companies want to ensure that their websites __________________ accessibility standards.
  adhere to
  live up to

2. Accessibility makes web services __________________ to everyone.

3. __________________ (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) can correct some errors in code, but not all of them.
  Search engines

4. __________________ is a process of checking your documents against a formal web standard (such as the one set up by the W3C).

5. I've created a Flash-based __________________ bar.
  navigation/ nav

6. Denny is a very talented web designer. He always comes up with great __________________.

7. I don't like this __________________. You should use "Arial" instead.

8. When will I receive the new __________________ for the site?

9. The text that will appear on a site is known as the __________________. In a big corporation, the editorial department provides the web designers with the __________________.

10. All our pages are currently __________________. We would like to make them dynamic.

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