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Business English Exercise | Topic: Stock Market/Trading 2

Designed to help you practice vocabulary for buying and selling stocks, talking about the stock market, etc. Although it's meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. There was record-__________________________ trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange this week.

2. This week the bulls gained the upper __________________________ ( = persevered/came out on top).

3. Price __________________________ are fluctuations in the price of a stock.

4. When a stock market "__________________________", it means it recovers after being down.

5. The recovery raised __________________________ that the worst might be over.

6. A _______________________ market refers to a period of time when many stocks rise in value.

7. I own 1,000 __________________________ of their stock.

8. The scandal __________________________ ( = caused/contributed to) the sell-off.

9. The earnings were higher than __________________________, which sent the stock through the roof ( = increased its value dramatically).

10. The stock market was down 400 points, but finished up 50 points. What are some of the reasons for this _________________________?

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