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Business English Exercise | Topic: Greenification 1

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Greenification refers to making a company's practices, work environment, or products more environmentally ____________________.
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2. One way to make a company more environmentally responsible is to use ____________________ power ( = energy obtained from the sun/sunlight) instead of regular electricity.

3. "__________________________" means processing used materials into new products to prevent waste.

4. "___________________________" refers to using a natural resource so that it will also be available for future generations.

5. Customers are often willing to pay a __________________________ ( = higher) price for organic goods.

6. We want to make sure that this company does not cause a negative __________________________ ( = effect) on the environment.

7. These new policies will help our store to be more energy __________________________. ( = less wasteful of energy)

8. A "__________________________" resource is one that can be re-grown, regenerated, produced again.

9. Our office recently installed a water __________________________ system, so we no longer buy bottled water.

10. Noise __________________________ ( = excessive noise in the work environment) is another factor to consider when greenifying one's place of work.

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