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Business English Test | Topic: Job Interview Terms and Expressions 6

Complete each of the following sentences that are commonly used to answer questions during a job interview:

1. "I've always done my best to show that I appreciate the _________________ and achievements of every member of my team."

2. "I'm quite adept at finding solutions to tricky and _________________ situations."

3. "I have implemented several initiatives to increase _________________ among my co-workers." ( = to make my co-workers feel better, to motivate them)

4. "I'm good at recognizing priorities, and _________________ ( = making sure) that these are taken care of first."

5. "When there are competing priorities, I usually make my decision on a _________________ basis."

6. "I was _________________ ( = lucky) to have worked with such a great group of people."

7. "I've been called an amazing problem _________________."

8. "I'm very good at _________________." ( = working on several things at once)
  delegating work

9. "I've always gotten _________________ fine ( = had a good relationship) with my co-workers."

10. "In my last two positions I have proven myself to be _________________ at resolving any problems that customers might have.

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