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MEDICAL ENGLISH | Topic: English for doctors and nurses (intermediate) - vocabulary matching 6

Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:

a - dislocated
b - numb
c - abnormal
d - prescription
e - itchy
f - inflamed
g - risk
h - benign
i - check-up
j - wheelchair
1. Because of your leg injury, you will have to use a for the next two months.

2. This is slightly . = This isn't the way it's supposed to be.

3. It seems your toes are . ( = swollen and infected)

4. You your shoulder when you fell.

5. It's time for your yearly . ( = examination)

6. Although there's always some involved in the procedure, in this case it's minimal.

7. This is not a malignant tumor. It's .

8. My finger is . = I have no feeling in my finger.

9. I know the area is , but don't scratch it!

10. I will write you a for this medication.

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