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Business English Training | Topic: Modern Business Letters in English 1

Designed to help you to choose the correct words when writing a business letter in English. We use examples from real business letters to ensure that you get the most current (up-to-date) examples available. Remember, most modern business letters are semi-formal, so most of the examples below are as well.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. This is the best way of __________________________ (= making sure) that everyone knows what's going on.
  providing security

2. I'm attaching an __________________________ ( = detailed) list of damages.

3. We'll require 20% of the total payment __________________________ ( = in advance), and the rest upon delivery of the merchandise.
  upfront/ up front
  in front
  at the front

4. I haven't had a chance to __________________________ (= look over) your file yet.

5. I'm going to ___________________________ ( = send) your email to my supervisor.

6. I'll be able to ___________________________ you a price ( = give you an estimate) by Friday.

7. Could you tell me more about the steps ____________________ in this process? ( = steps that make up this process)

8. Orders are usually processed __________________ ( = in the span of) two business days.
  find it helpful

9. How long does it ___________________________ ( = usually) take to produce 1,000 bags?

10. Unfortunately, we don't ___________________________ any discounts at this time.
  dish out

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