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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 1

Fill in the blank with the correct response:

1. We __________________________ up with a new structure. = We developed/created a new structure.

2. We have to __________________________ out ( = develop) a better way to communicate with our customers.

3. They cut __________________________ ( = eliminated) the middleman and started providing this service themselves.

4. Tom found a way to __________________________ ( = bypass/eliminate) this problem.
  get down
  get around
  get up

5. Please __________________________ on. = Please continue.

6. We need to __________________________ ( = examine/review) these reports before 3:00 PM.
  go through
  get around
  give off

7. We need to _________________ ( = schedule/arrange) an interview for Friday.
  set up
  take off
  save up

8. The meeting has been __________________________ off ( = cancelled).

9. The president has called __________________________ ( = requested) sweeping changes in the way we do business.

10. I knew they'd __________________________ to our way of thinking. = I knew that they would eventually accept our way of thinking.
  get up
  come around
  feel out

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