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Common vocabulary used in real estate 1

If you're a real estate agent, and would like to know how to explain some basic concepts to your English-speaking clientele, this exercise is for you.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. This house is definitely within your __________________________. = You can definitely afford to buy this house.
  price range

2. I don't think they would __________________________ below $200,000. = I don't think they would agree to a price below $200,000.

3. The first step to buying the house is to get a mortgage __________________________.

4. It's a little below __________________________ value. = It's being sold slightly below what it is worth.
  real estate

5. I'll __________________________ the owners with your offer. = I'll let the owners know what price you're willing to pay.

6. This house was ___________________________ ( = repossessed by the bank from the owner due to non-payment)

7. This is one of the most _________________________ ( = popular, looked-for) neighborhoods in the city.

8. I have one ___________________________ ( = one story house) that would be perfect for you.
  shotgun shack

9. In real estate, one often uses the word "__________________________" as a nice way of saying "small".

10. This house has both an attic and a __________________________ basement. ( = a basement where some of the windows are above ground level.)

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