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ENGLISH TRAINING FOR I.T. | Topic: Social media/social networking (common terms) 1


Choose the correct response to complete each of the following sentences:

1. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. help people _________________ together ( = get connected, become part of the same group) online.

2. Twitter has implemented _________________ search functionality, so that someone can find information as soon as it is posted on the network.

3. Twitter recently _________________ ( = got rid of) a lot of spam accounts.

4. The site now allows you to save _________________ ( = more than one) maps.

5. A "friend _________________" is something you send to someone asking them to join your network of friends.

6. The account has been ___________________. = The account is currently not active.   disassembled

7. On most social networking sites, you can _________________ videos to your page. ( = upload and show videos on your page)

8. Facebook recently launched a mobile _________________. ( = mobile version)

9. A lot of people find Facebook's applications and quizzes _________________. ( = irritating)

10. A _________________ is basically a line of text, like a sentence, etc.

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