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Business English Training | Talking about the economy in English 1

Every business professional should know how to talk about the economy. Whether things are going well, or badly, the economy is a topic that comes up very often. This exercise will help you practice some common vocabulary that is used in these types of discussions.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The economy is in a bit of a __________________________. = The economy is not doing too well.
  down time

2. The outlook is very bad. = The outlook is pretty __________________________.

3. The government wants to __________________________ some of the corporations. ( = to rescue them from bankruptcy by giving them money)
  bail out
  take out
  give out

4. The United States economy is going through a serious __________________________ right now.

5. All the leading economic ___________________________ ( = indexes, signs) point to a further decline in the economy.
  index fingers

6. The market has been ___________________________. = It has been difficult to predict what the market would do.

7. The current government isn't taking enough ____________________ ( isn't doing enough) to improve the economy.

8. The stock market __________________ again today. = The stock market fell sharply again today.
  fell down

9. Everyone seems to think that the economy will worsen before it ___________________________.
  gets worse
  goes up

10. Hopefully, the economic recovery ___________________________ that the government is preparing will improve the current situation.

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