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Business English Training | Talking about the economy in English 2

Every business professional should know how to talk about the economy. Whether things are going well, or badly, the economy is a topic that comes up very often. This exercise will help you practice some common vocabulary that is used in these types of discussions.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The economy is back on __________________________. = The economy is beginning to recover.
  the truck

2. The government __________________________ ( = promised) to provide more tax breaks for the middle class.

3. If an industry is "__________________________", it means that it is not doing too well financially.

4. Many investors __________________________ this news. ( = They were happy to hear this news)

5. The unemployment rate has been holding ___________________________ ( = has neither gone up nor down) over the past couple of months.

6. Ford plans to ___________________________ ( = get rid of/eliminate) 10,000 jobs at it's main plant in Michigan.
  let loose

7. They plan to reduce their ____________________ by 20%. = 20% of their employees will lose their jobs.

8. A lot of companies are __________________ ( = having a hard time) with large losses.

9. Last month's job losses were the ___________________________ ( = highest) since 1984.

10. This company's debt ___________________________ is pretty high. = This company has a lot of debt.

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