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Business English Training | Topic: Modern Business Letters in English 1

Designed to help you to choose the correct words when writing a business letter in English. We use examples from real business letters to ensure that you get the most current (up-to-date) examples available. Remember, most modern business letters are semi-formal, so most of the examples below are as well.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We're writing you in __________________________ to (= about) the email we received on...

2. __________________________... = On the other hand...

3. I received your email, in which you __________________________ (= described in detail) your plan to launch the product by next March.

4. Sorry for __________________________ back to you so late. = Sorry for the late response.

5. Let's ___________________________ ( = arrange) a meeting for Friday.
  make up
  think up
  set up

6. At the present time... = At ___________________________ time...

7. We usually ____________________ ( = communicate with) clients directly.
  deal with
  delve into
  dole out

8. It would really __________________ if you could send me some additional information.
  aid me out
  find it helpful
  help me out

9. I believe we should take a different ___________________________. = I think we should do something different.
  action item
  course of action
  action plan

10. I've ___________________________ ( = examined) your payment history, and I did notice the discrepancy that you mentioned.
  locked into
  looked into
  loaned out

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